Origins Description Roast Scale
Colombia Supremo Well balanced, rich and smooth. 1, 2 ,6 available
Guatemala Antiguao Distinctive spicy notes, fine acidity. 2
Costa Rica Tarrazu Bright, clean flavours and fruity aroma. 2
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Delicate body, citrus and floral notes. 2
Kenya AA Full bodied with winey notes, vibrant acidity. 2
Tanzania Peaberry Medium body with chocolaty aroma and fruity notes. 2
Burundi Pleasing aroma, notes of blackberry and chocolate. 2
Indonesia Sumatra Heavy body, almost syrupy. Slightly earthy. 3
Decaf. Colombian Aromatic and flavourful. 3
Blends Description
Rise and Shine A smooth start to the day. Buttery richness and vanilla like aroma. 2
Mocha Java A renowned blend. Rich, full flavoured cup. 2
Viennese Smooth and mellow flavour. Irresistible aroma. 3
African Star Intense flavour. Chocolatey aroma. 4
C.E.O. Bold flavours, yet smooth and balanced. 6
Pacific Full bodied with a distinct aroma. 6
French Mocha Intense bittersweet chocolate notes. 7
Dark Legend Spicy and pungent. Our “legengary” dark roast. 8
Pride of the Americas Unique and complex. Some spicy notes and mild pungency. Multi-roast 2, 4, 7, 8
Decaf. Twilight Full bodied with delicate flavours. Perfect companion to watch a sunset. 4
Espresso Description Roast scale
Miscela Rufino Rich and powerful. Caramel sweetness and notes of dark chocolate. *
Corso (F.T.O.) Intensely aromatic. Complex and well balanced. Pleasant lingering aftertaste. *
Icon A full bodied and highly aromatic blend with a creamy mouth-feel and chocolate aftertaste. *
Decaf. Miscela Rufino A rich and full bodied blend. *
Fair Trade Certified Description Roast scale
Bloor Street Blend of the finest coffee from Africa and Central America. 4
The Avenue Exceptional balanced taste and smooth finish. 4
The Boulevard Three roast profiles blended to create a symphony of flavour notes. Multi-roast 3, 4, 7
University Dark and rich with a powerful flavour and aroma. 7
Corso Espresso Intensely aromatic. Complex and well balanced. Pleasantlingering aftertaste. *
Colombia Rich, smooth and well balanced. 3
Guatemala A spicy and smoky flavour with a fine acidity and delicate aroma. 3
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Sweet and mellow with a fruity aroma. 3
Indonesia Sumatra Heavy body and low acidity. Assertive taste. 3
Decaf. Bloor Street Swiss Water Process. Smooth and rich. 3
Decaf. Corso Espresso Swiss Water Process. Creamy and rich with some nutty notes. *
Exotics Description Roast scale
Jamaica Blue Mountain Intense aroma, well balanced. Regarded as the finest coffee in the world. 2
Hawaii Kona Extra Fancy Sweet and full bodied. The pride of Hawaii. 2
* Signifies that a special espresso roast is used.