About Us


We source and select only the finest examples of coffee from the most celebrated growing regions of Africa, Asia and the Americas. Prior to purchasing, each and every coffee is painstakingly cupped and tested to ensure it meets our exacting standards and desired flavour profile.


Where other other specialty coffee companies view the farm as the sole source of quality, we understand that it is our responsibility as a roaster to carry the efforts of the farmer forward. The roasting process can easily ruin what a farmer has created so, at this stage it is our experience and sophisticated equipment that allow us to consistantly highlight a coffees characteristics. Roast profiles are meticulously developed for every blend, single origin and espresso.


In a world where it is evident that being sustainable is essential for survival, it is our constant pursuit to question; how can we become more energy efficient or ensure that farmers are being compensated fairly? While there is no simple answer, here are some of the efforts we make:

* Bullfrog Power- our facility is powered by 100% renewable through Bullfrog Power’s wind and hydro power generation. www.bullfrogpower.com

* Fairtrade Certified- coffees ensure a “fair wage” paid to small scale farmers in addition to efforts that improve social and environmental conditions. Third party audits take place to assure transparency within the model. www.fairtrade.ca

* Certified Organic- coffees produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides to improve our health and environmental conditions. www.ocia.org

* Responsibly Roasted- being the most detrimental step of coffee production, we make concerted efforts to ensure our roasting operation is the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the industry.